How to configure Kestrel on Https when prototyping

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To host a web application generated with .NetCore generator on HTTPS the following configuration must be done depending on the Web Server property


For both cases is required to set Protocol specification property = Secure (HTTPS:) 


Configure .Net Core web application - Kestrel on HTTPS.


1. Trust the certificate. By default, there is one installed by .NET Core SDK. To use that certificate trust it with the command

dotnet dev-certs https --trust

2. Start kestrel using a command-line positioned at the web folder of the model in this way: 

C:\Model\KB\NetCoreModel\web>dotnet  C:\Model\KB\NetCoreModel\web\bin\GxNetCoreStartup.dll 

the output will show kestrel listening URLs like these:

Now listening on: http://:5000
Now listening on: https://:5001

3. The application can be tested at a URL like this one: https://<server>:5001/developermenu.html



Configure .Net Core web application - IIS on HTTPS.


1. Set Generator property Web Server property = Internet Information Server

2. Define the Binding for HTTPS on IIS Manager. Choose a property certificate.

3. The application can be tested at a URL like this one: https://<server>/<virtualDir>/developermenu.html