BPM with GeneXus Web - Process Execution: Case 2 - The customer is already registered

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The objective of this article is to show you an example case of how the diagram works, when the application is running, in a specific situation.

Create a new task by clicking on the “New” option of the inbox as shown below:


Select “Flight Ticket Reservation” and press OK.

You will see the new task (Reservation) in the inbox. Press Execute or double-click on it to execute it.


Enter the reservation's details for an existing customer. Press Confirm and a message will be displayed to indicate that the data has been successfully added. Press Cancel to return to the inbox. To complete the task, click on the Send button.

Next, the Gateway condition is evaluated and the workflow moves on to “Reservation Availability.” Run this task.


In order to test the entire flow defined, assume that the reservation is not available (do not select the “Available” checkbox) and press Confirm:


This implies returning to the initial task to edit the reservation (change its data to start the flow again). Press Cancel to return to the inbox. Next, press Send. You can check that the Reservation opens for editing. 

Congratulations, you have created your first BPM application with GeneXus Web!