First steps to create a Chatbot with GeneXus Web - Introduction

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What is a chatbot?

It is a software application that simulates a conversation with a person. The interaction takes place through text, voice, graphical interfaces, etc.

How can a chatbot understand a person?

Some chatbots are based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is a field of artificial intelligence that studies the interaction that occurs between people using spoken language, written language, and computer systems.

On the other hand, other chatbots are command-based. That is, they react to defined commands; therefore, users must send one of the appropriate commands to receive a response. These chatbots are called Scripted chatbots.

How to create a chatbot with GeneXus?

GeneXus provides the Conversational Flows object that allows you to create a chatbot. That is, for each chatbot you want to define in a Knowledge Base, you need to create a Conversational Flows object.