First steps to create a Chatbot with GeneXus Web - Part 4. Configuring a Scripted Chatbot

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To configure the chatbot as Scripted type, go to the properties window of the Conversational Flows object (TravelAgencyBot).

There you will see a property called NLP Provider.

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, a field of artificial intelligence that studies the interaction that occurs between people using spoken language, written language, and computer systems.

The NLP Provider property of the Conversational Flows object offers the values “Watson” (from IBM), “Dialogflow” (from Google) and “None.”

Choose the “None” option to indicate that the chatbot is Scripted; that is, it will not use any of the wizards.

GeneXus Web - NLP Provider property None

The next step is to start defining flows for this Conversational Flows object.