Why should I consider creating a Super App?

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Building this kind of ecosystem of Super App and their Mini App has several business advantages.

For end-users

  • Instant access to contextualized services
  • Less friction 
    • No download, registration, etcetera, is required to accomplish their purpose.
  • Security by default
    • The user would only have to register sensitive information once, in the Super App, and not in each Mini App.

For Super App Owner

  • Provide more services through partners
    • For instance, think of the services of a municipality, health services of a government, financial institution, or any company for their employees.
  • It allows an incremental development of their business solution. 

For Mini App Owner

  • Place your app in an already established ecosystem.
  • Simplified development. As it is integrated into a Super App, many of the services considered sensitive (login, payments) are delegated to the Super App.
  • Productivity. It is just to build an App using the GeneXus Native Mobile generator, with all the advantages that this entails: productivity, simplicity, multi-platform, etc.
  • Speed ​​of deployment, since it is not necessary to publish the app in the stores.