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Firefox Support in Web Interface


Product: GXplorer Web, GXquery Web


Support for the execution in the browser Mozilla Firefox has been added for the Web interfaces of the products. Following this, the requirements of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office Web Components are deleted for GXplorer and GXquery Web clients. This new feature helps to expand the application market for the products and the number of potencial users is increased.


In addition to the support to Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or higher version, we have added support to Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher version.
The look & feel remains the same either when browsing with Internet Explorer or Firefox.
A new presentation control has been licensed to support information presentation in Firefox. The different presentation options are detailed in the following link.

As an example, the following figure explains how data are presented:



  • If you use Mozilla Firefox browser you can only present information in  Cross-browser controls, presentation through Office Web Components is not supported.
  • Javascripts support must be enabled.