GeneXus X Java Generator

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Creating a Java Model is really easy!

With GeneXus X, creating a Java Model is very easy. More Info...

JDBC Drivers

GeneXus distributes and automatically adds to its classpath the following jdbc drivers.

DBMS Driver File Name Driver Version
Oracle ojdbc14.jar 10G - Release
Sql server jtds-1.2.jar 1.2
iSeries jt400.jar 5.2 (jtopen)
MySql mysql-connector-java-5.0.3-bin.jar 5.0.3
PostgreSql postgresql-8.1-407.jdbc3.jar PostgreSQL 8.1 JDBC3 with SSL (build 407)
Then the default value of the classpath property is:;GxUtils.jar;.;lucene-core-2.2.0.jar;iText.jar;C:\Tomcat 5.5\common\lib\servlet-api.jar;.\drivers\ojdbc14.jar;.\drivers\jt400.jar;.\drivers\jtds-1.2.jar;.\drivers\mysql-connector-java-5.0.3-bin.jar;.\drivers\postgresql-8.1-407.jdbc3.jar
Note: If the application uses a different version of the DBMS, you should change the jdbc driver version and update the classpath manually in order to use it.
TIP: By copying the jar files to the \gxjava\drivers folder of the genexus installation, they will be automatically added to the classpath and copied to the \lib of the servlet directory.

Check the generator property changes if you are converting from GeneXus 9.0 to GeneXus X.

External EJBs (session beans)

The way to call an external EJB, a session bean one, has been implemented using external objects

In the 9.0 version it is only possible to create an EJB, but not to use an external one

Java Tools

The following tools are available, and can be found in the Genexus menu, under the 'Tools' item.

These options execute the same utility that are available in the 'F5 dialog' in the 9.0 version.

These options are enabled only when the generator is Java. And in the particular case of the 'Create AS/400 Stored Procedures' is enabled when the generator is java AND the DBMS is DB2 for iSeries AND there exists at least one stored procedure with parameters.