GXshopping application

Unofficial Content


This application is just for fun and for GeneXus X testing purposes. Enjoy! Click kere


Feedback, suggestions and collaborations are welcomed acardoso@artech.com.uy


Thanks to Development Team for producing an amazing version , to Marcos Canan for his Tag Cloud Control, to Fabián Bonilla for his HoverPanel User Control, to Luciano Silveira for his Flash Viewer User Control and Fisheye Menu User Control.

In addition, GXshopping uses the following User Controls

Slide Down Menu User Control
Captcha User Control
Dolphin Style Menu User Control
Fusion Charts User Control

Known issues

Fixed issues

1. Not all the options from the Main menu (horizontal) are working Fixed (1.2) !
2. Top Sellers chart is not showing real information from the database. Fixed (1.2) !

To do List

1. Add a product viewer where the relevant information about a product can be displayed. Done (1.2) !
2. Upload the KB to gxopen. Done!
3. Add a suggestions form
4. Add RSS with new products

Change Log

2008/03/20 : New zip uploaded to GXOpen because of syntax change in TrackContext
2008/04/29 : v1.4 generated with GeneXus Rocha RC2 version uploaded to GXOpen. Runtime translation added, changes in user interface.
                      Disclaimer: Not all literals/texts were translated, just the most important ones to see the power of runtime translation feature.

How to collaborate?

Knowledge Base can be downloaded from GXopen.