GXserver Azure - Dacpac Generation

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For certain DevOps scenarios, it might be desirable to generate a snapshot of your current Database Schema. For GeneXus development, this can be done on a mock Database to validate the pipeline execution, before reorganizing production environments.

With SQL Server, this can be achieved by using Data-Tier Application Packages, which are self-contained and complete Database model snapshots.

Dacpacs require Microsoft SqlPackage, which you can install through PowerShell with the following command:

dotnet tool install -g microsoft.sqlpackage

To generate your Knowledge Base dacpac and export it as a pipeline run artifact, add the following job to your pipeline definition:

  - job: GenerateDacpac
      - powershell: >
          sqlpackage /TargetFile:".\$(kbalias).dacpac" /Action:Extract 
          /scs:"Server=$(SQL_SERVER);Initial Catalog=$(kbalias);Trusted_Connection=True;TrustServerCertificate=True;"
        workingDirectory: $(WORKING_DIR)
        name: GeneratingDacpac
      - publish: $(WORKING_DIR)/$(kbalias).dacpac
        artifact: $(kbalias).dacpac
        name: 'PublishArtifact'

It is recommended that you set up your pipeline dependency to the Build step.
That can be accomplished by adding the following snippet to your job:

    dependsOn: BuildKnowledgeBase
    condition: succeeded()


The following are specific variable definitions required for the task. See Initial Configuration for the generic variables required.

SQL_SERVER: string 
SQL Server instance name. Example: "GXP5022\SQLEXPRESS"