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This category groups all the GeneXus Extensions' Help


New Object: It's the same project you can create using the wizard. It shows how to provide new object categories, new object types, new object part types, and new part editors.

Menu: This sample shows how to define new menu options and how to interact with all menu commands.

Tool Window: Showing how to add your own tool window to GeneXus.

Daily Dilbert: Uses an XSL transformation over an RSS feed in order to show a daily Dilbert cartoon in a tool window.


  1. How to create a GXextension from scratch
  2. How to maintain compatibility for GXextensions
  3. How to add and interact with commands, menus, and toolbars
  4. How to add your own Tool windows
  5. How to Implement a Default Provider for KBObject Parts
  6. How to interact with the Output window
  7. Adding Properties to Objects
  8. How to add a property to objects
  9. How to handle events
  10. How to create/obtain a Wiki Documentation
  11. How to obtain the current KB, or Model
  12. How to import from an XPZ file
  13. How to create a category programatically
  14. How to know object parameters
  15. How to obtain objects in a category
  16. How to obtain the application URL
  17. How to obtain the KB Data store
  18. How to obtain Tables from Model
  19. How to Create New Transaction programatically
  20. How to Open Http Address in GX Start Page
  21. How to obtain Environment Generator
  22. How to obtain generators of current environment
  23. How to get all generators of a environment
  24. How to obtain a control property
  25. How to create/obtain a property from Tool Window
  26. How to create/obtain a Wiki Documentation
  27. How to obtain Objects References
  28. How to obtain tables from transaction
  29. How to obtain attributes information
  30. How to obtain KB User login
  31. How to obtain Grids columns
  32. How to Create/Obtain a Procedure by Code
  33. Creating a Fork of the Work With Pattern
  34. How to Debug a Extension / Pattern
  35. How to select one object or many objects
  36. How to include a file to the KB
  37. How to copy an object using Clone method 
  38. How to copy all variables from a procedure 
  39. How to create a SDT and a DataProvider programmaticaly, and use it as a WebService
  40. How to create SDT based variable in a Object
  41. How to build an Object
  42. How to apply the default form to an object
  43. How obtain export xml from object
  44. How import xml to object

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