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Buttons are controls that allow you to trigger user actions (insert, delete, modify, print, etc) by pressing them.

A button may be associated to a previously defined event (normally a System Event), or you may wish to define a new event (called User Event) for the button you create. Each new button that is incorporated by the user will have a name (called controlname), also defined by the user. When you right-click with the mouse over the button, a dialog is displayed where the user can edit the properties or the event the button is associated to.

To add a button to the selected location, you can drag one from the toolbox Button icon onto the webform. In the example shown in the image, we have four buttons inserted in the webform.

Button control Print sample

To associate a button to a user event, open the properties window and modify the OnClickEvent property with the user event name, as shown in the image below.

Button control Event User sample

Look & Feel of Buttons

The size of the button will be determined by the length of its label (Caption property value).  If you want all the buttons in the form to have the same size, or you want to have one of them with a specific size, you can associate a Theme Class to the button that has the characteristics (Heigth and Width) you want.

You can have standard or rounded buttons too, and you can design them using Themes

Themes - Editing

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