PopUp command

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This command has a similar behavior than the Window Data Type. It allows you to make a call to a modal pop-up window, which means that it blocks the parent application until the user closes it in any way. It can only be used in transaction and Web Panel events.


  • GeneXusWebObject.Popup(params)
  • PopUp(GeneXusWebObject, params)

Popup command - Sample 

The fourth button in the lower window, which is a transaction, displays all the airlines to which the on-duty crew member has been associated with. This button is associated with a user event and is programmed as follows (method style):

Event 'ViewList'

This is the equivalent of the following code (command style):

Event 'ViewList'

Pop-up windows can be manually resized from their lower right corner.

Note: When opening many PopUps in the same screen, only the last one called is showed. This means only one PopUp is show at once.

Note #2: When you call a Popup with the GET method, you don´t have control about the maximum URL length. Each browser solves it differently: