Generator Properties Compatibility in GeneXus X

Unofficial Content

We have categorized the generator properties changes in the following groups:

  • General
  • Java Specific
  • .Net Specific

General (applied to all generators)

The changes made to generator properties from GeneXus 9.0 to GeneXus X are described below.

New Properties

  • Full Text Search Options Group with the Searchable property and dependent properties:
    • Search engine.
    • Index Directory.

Deleted Properties

  • Generate developer menu makefile.
  • Base Image Path: This property is maintained for compatibility with GeneXus 9.0, since GeneXus X handles all images as objects in the KB.
    The conversion process uses the property value to know the images' location in order to add them to the KB.
    For detailed information see the Compatibility section of Image object.

Execution Properties - Build Process Group

The GeneXus 9.0 Execution properties have been grouped in the generator Build Process group. These properties are not converted in the conversion process.
After converting the Knowledge Base to GeneXus X you must do the checking manually.

The following properties have been added in the Build Process\ Advanced Group:

  • Reorganization Options.
  • Create Database Options.

.Net Specific

Property changes specific to .Net can be checked here.

Java Specific

Property changes specific to Java can be checked here.