.NET Generator Properties Compatibility in GeneXus X

Unofficial Content

.Net Generator Property Changes The following .Net preferences have changed from GeneXus 9.0 to GeneXus X.

New properties

  • Build Mode.
  • After Connect.
  • Auto compress http traffic.
  • Web Server

Property value changes

  • Build Process group: The GeneXus 9.0 Execution properties have been grouped in the generator Build Process group.
    • The C# Compiler path property changed to Compiler Path.
    • The Virtual Directory property changed to Web Root.
  • Compiler Flag:  this property change the  default value to: /platform:x86
    It applies only in WIN enviroment. For more information, here

Deleted Properties

  • Access Method.

Check the generator changes for generic changes in properties. For more information about the .net Generator click here.