GeneXus command line parameters

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GeneXus.exe can be started with a set of arguments from the command line. Syntax and arguments are described in this document.


genexus [@argfile] [/KB|kb:<value>] [/Culture|c:<value>] [/Install[+|-]] [/NoLastKB[+|-]] [/MeasureCommandTime[+|-]] 
          [/NoWorkspace[+|-]] [/IDEStyle:is<value>] [/help|?|h] [/version|v]


@argfile Reads arguments from a file.
/KB:<value> URI of Knowledge Base (Default is "").
/Culture:<value> Not implemented yet.
/Install[+|-] It may be used after each install Packages and User Controls.
/NoLastKB[+|-] This indicates that the Last KB opened will not be opened.
/MeasureCommandTime[+|-] Time consumption data (timestamp) will appear in the general output.
/NoWorkspace[+|-] Opens GeneXus without restoring the saved workspace; that is, a default workspace is loaded and changes to it are saved as a new workspace when GeneXus is closed.
/IDEstyle:<value> IDEStyle, values: blue, silver, black, red This indicates the IDE color scheme to be used.
/help Shows usage.
/version Shows the current GeneXus version.
/NoRecentObjects Opens a Knowledge Base without opening the objects that were open when the Knowledge Base was closed.


To run GeneXus using the "noLastKB" parameter you should execute the following:

"<GeneXus_Complete_Installation_Path>\Genexus.exe" /noLastKb


[+|-] arguments indicate if the option will be taken into account or not, for example, /NoLastKB will have the same behavior as not indicating the option. It is especially useful when programming actions in batch processes.