Character data type

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Stores text values.



Specifies the length of the character, where the maximum length is 9999.

The length of a Character field is fixed so that you cannot change the length you declared for that field when you created the table. All functions and operators can be applied to this data type.

The following table illustrates the maximum length tolerated by each DBMS and the conversion done by GeneXus according to the DBMS:

DBMS Length Conversion
Oracle 255 Char
DB2 Universal Database 255 Char
Informix 9999 Char
SQL Server 8000 Char
Access 254 dbText
DB2 for iSeries 320001 Char
DBF 254 Char
PostgreSQL 9999 Char

32765 in Genexus 15 Upgrade 10 or previous.

The Character and VarChar data type Data types are similar but differ in the way they are stored and retrieved.

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