ReadType Method

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As the Read()method, it moves forward to the following node, but only if constraints established are fulfilled.


&DataType.ReadType(NodeTypeConstraint [ ,NameConstraint ] )


Specifies the node types to be read, by indicating the node type constants concatenated with the character “+”. For example: NodeTypeConstraint = 1 + 4 (It specifies the Element and Text type). Possible node types are:

Node Type Value
Element 1
EndTag 2
Text 4
Comment 8
WhiteSpace 16
CData 32
ProcessingInstruction 64
Doctype 128

Specifies the value for the name of the node to be read –as long as the node is Element or EndTag type.

Type Returned:


As Read()the method, this method moves forward to the following node but only if constraints established are fulfilled. If a node is read, It returns a whole value greater than zero. Otherwise, it returns zero.
For more information see this link.


Extended Data Types: XmlReader
Languages: .NET, Java, Ruby (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3), Visual FoxPro (up to GeneXus X Evolution 3)

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