XML Namespace property (SDT)

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The Xml Namespace property allows you to modifiy the behaviour of the xml representation for each item of an structured data type.


This property is located at SDT\ItemName\Properties\Xml information section\Xml Namespace

XML Namespace Property GeneXus 15


If this property value is not set, the default value, the SDT namespace, is used as XmlNamespace.

If an XMLName value was set, but XmlNamespace was not set, the namespace is NOT inherited, and an empty namespace is used. If the XMLName was not set, the namespace is not passed along.


Suppose the following Structured data type


    Item1 Num(4)

    Item2 Char(20)


Which is populated throughout the following code

   item1 = 1 
   item2 = 'Value'


When the Item1 Xml Namespace property value is set = "MYNAMESPACE", the SDT Xml representation will be as follows:

<SDT1 xmlns="Knowledge Base" >
   <Item1 xmlnls="MYNAMESPACE">1</Item1>

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