License Activation Quick Guide

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Once the product has been installed, the next step is the activation of the keys to obtain the right to use the different components. For this you will have to request a Site Key from your distributor, sending the corresponding installation code (Site Code).

The site keys installation may be local or remote (centralized), independently of where the product is installed. If the licenses are centralized in a server, you must have GeneXus Protection Server installed in this server.  Once the product has been authorized, the Site Keys can be transferred from one PC to another (local or remote). 

The Site Keys are requested through the GeneXus License Manager, located in the group of the product programs GX License Manager (one of the product programs, or executing the gxlmgr.exe file, located in the directory where the product has been installed. It allows making the request via web or generating a file with the Site Code(s), which you will then sent via e-mail to your local distributor.  

If the request is sent via e-mail, that is to say sending the file to the distributor, the latter will resend the file to GeneXus and then GeneXus, according to what was specified by the distributor, will send a file with the Site Code(s) directly to the customer or to the distributor. 

If the request is send via web, it is directly sent to GeneXus and the distributor receives a notification to confirm it. Once confirmed, Artech will send the answer directly to the distributor or to the customer. We recommend requesting the site keys by this means to obtain the answer faster.   

The answer is a file with the Site Key of the requested components. The activation is executed through the License Manager.

For more detailed information on the protection, please refer to the GXProtection Manual or to the License Manager Help.