Output_File rule

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Determines the name of the reports and procedures’ output.


Output_File({ name | att | &var }, format);


name | att | &var
      Is the output name. In the case of output to a file, it is possible to indicate the path of the file to be generated, which must exist. It can also be a variable or an attribute, in which case it must be of Character type.

      Is the output file format. Possible values are ‘GXR’, ‘RTF’, ‘XML’ ‘PDF’ or ‘TXT’ (the last one only for reports in text mode). It is ignored in the case of output through screen or printer.


Objects: Procedure


This rule allows you to determine the name of reports and procedures’ output, on the screen, printer or to a file. In the case of output on screen, it allows assigning a name to the document in the Report Viewer’s dialog. In the case of output through the printer, it allows assigning the printing job’s name in the queue. And in case the output is to a file, it allows indicating its name and format.



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