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Returns True/False depending on the stage of the Transaction.


After(Event | Action)

Type returned:

Boolean (True or False)


   Specifies a valid event; the possible values are: Insert, Update or Delete.

   Describes a possible action; the possible values are: Confirm, Trn, Att or Level(att).


Returns TRUE if a specified event or action has taken place in a Transaction. This event may be triggered because a Transaction's execution has passed a certain Level, a certain attribute has been entered, a Transaction Action has occurred or the whole Transaction has finished. GeneXus automatically realizes where and when a rule must be executed. However, the user may force GeneXus to execute a given rule after one of the above  events.


When an After function is included in a Rule condition, the Rule will be triggered ONLY immediately after the event occurs and nowhere else.


It’s important to notice that this function is maintained for backward compatibility reasons. We highly recommend that you use the Triggering Events instead of After(Event | Action) functions.


Objects  Transaction object

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