BackColor property

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To determine the background color of a control. A numeric value representing an RGB color value must be assigned.


control. BackColor = Expression

   Is the name of a control inserted in the form.

   Represents an RGB color that is going to be applied to the control
Default Value = ‘White’


The Background property has preference over this property. For example, if a background is indicated, the backcolor will have no effect.

The backcolor_property_image001button must be pressed to select a color. This property only applies when BackColorStyle property has the Uniform value.
Design Time: Applies to Edits, Error Viewer, Forms, Free Style Grids, Grids, Grid’s Columns, Tables, Table Cells, Table Rows Controls.
Execution Time: Applies to Edits, Forms, Free Style Grids, Grids, Grid’s Columns and Tables.


The following should be added to make the backcolor of an edit control green:

EditCtrl.Backcolor = RGB(0,255,0)


Objects: Transaction, Web Panel
Platforms: Web(.Net, Java)
Controls: Attribute/Variable, ErrorViewer, Grid

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