Transactional integrity property

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Allows setting the level of transactional integrity to be used by all programs generated by GeneXus.


All files except Data Views Only Cobol and RPG.
No No transactional integrity is generated.
Yes All Transactions and Procedures are generated with transactional integrity and all tables are considered. This is the default value.


Platforms: Web(.Net, Java)


To apply changes rebuild one object. This change is implemented under Client.cfg or web.config file (Java and .Net respectively).


  • This property is not taken into account in reorganizations.
  • The lack of transactional integrity implies doing an autocommit; that is to say, each sentence is automatically committed.
  • The lack of transactional integrity causes the rollbacks to the database generated by GeneXus not to work (For example the rule error on after level in a transaction will not work because it sends a rollback to the database to cancel the commit)