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Java Package Name Property

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Lets the generator know in which Java package it must generate the programs.


Generally, packages have the following name format:


For example: “com.artech.siscli”.


If a package is specified, source programs will be generated in the subdirectory of the model directory matching the package name. For example, in the previous case, sources are generated in directory com\artech\siscli of the model directory.

The value set by this model property is considered when compiling and executing and this is transparent to the GeneXus user.

Considerations Note:
The package name should be specified in lower case as it is recommended by Sun here. However you can use with upper case if you like, but being carefull with the url used. For example, if the package name is com.Artech.Test, then the classes will be copied to the web-inf\classes\com\Artech\Test and the link to execute this webapp must be http://<appserver>:8080/<webappname>/servlet/com.Artech.Test.webpanel1. The F5 in Genexus will not considerate this at runtime, so it must be changed by the developer.


Languages: Java