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Part of GeneXus X Evolution 1 development process is, every night, to build a new setup having the latest changes in its source code. This setup is available to all of you registered as Genexus X Evolution 1 beta testers.. Our objective is that those of you that are interested can, on a daily basis, stay up to date with the project evolution and access the latest fixes. These are the good news. The bad ones are that you have to be aware of the following:

  • Each new setup may have severe errors. It has no tests at all.
  • There may be partial implementations, concepts been tested, etc. that may not be present in any released version.
  • There is no documentation or support on this setup

Comments/Questions/Warnings related to a night build should be sent to GeneXus X Evolution 1 e-mail forum.

News Log

Release (build 25909)

  • fix: gxremove wasn't hidden
  • Fixed some broken issues in combos
  • fixes tu Ruby generator enabling now to be generated with Ruby.
  • fix to Query viewer: it calculated wrong some values
  • fix to reorganizations with redundant formulas
  • fixes to gxflow (some issues related to delegation)
  • fix: some readonly variables in readonly panels were not displayed when a link was clicked.

August 29 (Build 25868)

  • fix to optimized copy model algorithm when working with many KB versions
  • fix: CTRL+V didnt' work in Find dialog, and other related to shortcuts and commands.
  • fix to sac 20947 in Ruby generator
  • fix: Chrome crashed with rule date.visible = 0
  • fixes to validation of Combo Boxes with empty character values. 
  • fix: Click on some buttons didn't work in WIN

August 27 (build 25821)

Compatibility: Extensions need to be recompiled in order to work with this build

  • new: SQL Azure Support added! 
  • new: GeneXus Version is included in IDE's exception messages. 
  • new: Improvements in output window coloring
  • new: Webwrapper support: now you can email a web panel again
  • new: Automatic Refresh property at Version Level.
  • new: Key Assignment property implemented like in 9.0 (so you can use F4 to access a prompt, for example); now function keys work also for standard events
  • new: Optimizations in Patterns: Pattern instances are only saved if necesary; Apply Pattern isn't forced on build if it was done on save.
  • new: Version trees in KB Versions Toolwindow can be collapsed
  • new: QueryViewer shows description when you use an attribute based on a ennumerated domain instead the value
  • fix: Theme Editor: exceptions when closing it, creating new projects, etc.
  • fix: always when a prompt is created, all secondary info, description, folder, associated table is also set correctly
  • fix: GXserver Setup included unnecesary files corresponding to the GXPM Package
  • fix: Business component didn't specify if the transaction had a parm() and participated in a workflow diagram
  • fix: GXflow Prototyper didn't take into account the KB language (displayed always english).
  • fix: <Table>Updateredundancy.cs wasn't included well in the .RSP in some particular case (a compilation error happened).
  • fix: Spec error "Spc0051 Supertype ... cannot be instantiated" in some case.
  • fix: Redundant agregate formulas were not being evaluated.
  • fix: Some aggregate formulas were not being evaluated on the server (after Transaction validation)
  • fix: Prompts could be renamed in X and Xev1 versions. 
  • fix: Do not cancel converting an XPZ from 9.0 if the structure of a SDT is empty.
  • fix: two Ctrl+Z after dragging a textblock provoked Object reference exception.
  • fix: filter of properties window was black after resizing the window and setting some property with dependencies
  • fixes to Import / Export of prompts and references to prompts
  • fix: commit after Revert Version didnt' work
  • fix: Automatic Backup didn't update "Last update" property of 'ImportAutomaticBackup' version
  • fix: Combos didn't get Focus in runtime with Field Exit = "enter, tab, shift-tab"
  • fix: Debug: Add watch of attributes didn't work; only debugging variables worked fine
  • fix: log wasn't genarated in proc command line in .NET
  • fix: improvements in startup of GXserver
  • fix: memory leak on close KB in KBs that use Category Pattern
  • fix: "Save as" of a Prompt didn't work well. Objects saved that way cannot be renamed and have still some internal properties set indicating that they are prompts.
  • and several others ...



RC2 - BUILD 25624. Released on August 19, 2009

  • new: GXserver Setup supports the installation of multiple GXserver instances.
  • new: Version and environment properties can be committed and updated
  • new: Pattern Instances can be merged automatically
  • new: Debugging: Add Watch option enabled while debugging
  • new: Query object running in Ruby
  • fixes to Prompts / User Prompts mechanisms

August 12

  • New: Generate COMMENT ON Statements Property is supported in Postgresql
  • Fix: An unexpected errors specifying: 
    • spc0056: Internal error. Variable XXXX definition is incorrect or not available
    • error: No mapping found for table 1 in model 2 [1th of 1 superordinatated of table 2 [UdmId 2]]"
  • Fix: Date values were not displayed when a BC is loaded on form.

August 11

  • new: Identify PostgreSQL errors by code and not by error text.
  • new: Build/Rebuild options added to BPDs
  • new: Navigation View now supports adding/removing objects from left pane
  • fix: Edit documentation without having permissions
  • fix: Objects related to Pattern instances are commit only if they are actually changed
  • fix: Open KB performance. Introduced in previous builds.
  • fix: Changing File properties caused the properties to lose focus
  • fix: Objects are opened as Read-only when building.
  • fix: HTML compression added to Java generator

August 10 (build 25226)

  • new: Generate COMMENT ON Property now works also in PostgreSQL
  • new: contextual menu/add watch option on a variable
  • fix: HTML wasn't compressed in Java
  • fix: conditions in formulas were inferred differently than in GX 9
  • fix: date.visible = 0 didn't made invisible the datepicker
  • fix: callspacing and cellpading of tables in freestyle grids wasn't taken into account
  • fix: stackoverflow sending kb to a gxserver on IIS 6 or higher

August 8

  • new: If an object that is open is modified by an import / update, etc; then it is closed and reopened automatically so that you do not have an old version open
  • new: You can Revert an object to its latest version in the server. It is available via contextual menu in the pending commits dialog
  • GXserver Security UI updates
    • Tab 'Advanced' lest specify default role and enable/disable authentication types
    • All users are shown in wwusers, which now can be filtered.
    • with wwpermission it's possible to change permissions of a specific KB
    • other minor UI fixes
  • Business Process Diagram new features
    • Options for Print, Print Preview and Page Setup
    • Save as an image (right click over the diagram)
  • Workwith Pattern news
  • -          Custom code support in pattern instances

    -          Tooltip support when editing pattern instances

    -          Show in default form property (esto no se si ya se había documentado)               

  • fixes to GXserver's create version dialog
  • fix: "Cannot save while building" appeared at wrong moments
  • fix: Condition on dyna Combo didn't work well
  • fix: performance improvement in Ctrl+O

August 7

  • new: "Enable Caching" property renamed to "Enable database access caching"
  • changes in default colors of Comparer
  • fix: GXserver web UI didn't show anything in latest nightbuild
  • fix: reorganizations in java didn't work in latest nigthbuild
  • fix: error 212 not enough global stack specifying very complex formulas
  • fix: fonts in default win forms were different in xev1 than in 9.0
  • fix: redundancies were not saved well in the kb hosted by a GXserver in some cases.

August 6

  • new: New UI for deleting lines in transactions with more than one level! It's an image per line that changes when you click on it. The behavoir and the images can be changed at version level with the following properties
    • Delete grid row UI (Alternating Images, Context Menu-Delete)
    • Delete row image (Deleterow (*))
    • Undelete row image (Undeleterow (*))
    • Delete column position in grids (Leftmost column, Rightmost column)
    • Delete column position in freestyle grids  (Bottom right, Bottom left, Top right, Top left)
    • Delete column tooltip text
    • (*) to get the default images, import \Startup\Web\DefaultThemes.xpz
  • fix: if a rule  "error() if delete and level(att);" exists, the UI doesn't let you delete lines of that level
  • fix: If the transaction is called in display mode ,the UI doesn't let you delete lines.
  • fix: Formula Find that returns a default value didn't work in transactions
  • fix: Team Development: Import + Revert of Automatic Backup version unlinked the the KB from the GXserver
  • fix: ajax calls didn't work with encrypt url parameters

August 5

  • fix: now the default value of Title and Column Title properties are taken from the Description property. And the one of the Contextual Title from the Title.
  • fix: some particular reorgs didn't finish the step of creating referential integrity constraints.
  • fix: Local instances of SQL Server 64bits were not detected in setup, Edit Connection Dialog and Create DB Dialog
  • fix: now every time the specifier or a generator is loaded, all temporary APO* files are deleted

August 4

  • new: Navigation View usability improvements: You can add/remove new objects to the navigation view via contextual menu/add or just drag & drop
  • Build process: performance improvement analyzing tables
  • new: noaccept(&MySDT) support added. (is equivalent to reorganizenoaccept(&mysdt.field1);noaccept(&mysdt.field2);etc)
  • new: each time a specific object is distributed from GX 9 and imported in some KB of GX X Ev1, it is generated in the later with the same GUID.
  • fix: Error 212 specifiyng reorganization programs.
  • fix: image associated to a blob, in a grid, wasn't displayed
  • fix: Webform editor: drag & drop of a user control didn't work

August 1

  • fixes to GXserver authorizations (roles, permissions)
  • new control in spec: rgz0031, 'Formula %1 cannot be made redundant in table %2.'
  • fix: intellitip of substring function wasn't OK
  • fix: SAC 25697 (inferred attributes were not displayed after validating the Key )
  • fix: navigation didn't display call to update dedundancy procs.

July 31 (build 24902)

  • new: GXserver supports and takes into account defined Permissions.

July 30 (build 24861)

  • new: Diagrams can be printed and have supports for ‘Page Setup’, ‘Print’, y ‘Print Preview’
  • new Methods for DateTimes Attributes/Variables
    • <DateTimeField>.AddSeconds( Number)  match with the existing function TADD( <DateTimeField>, Number)
    • <DateTimeField>.Difference( <DateTimeField2>)  match with the existing  function  TDIFF( <DateTimeField>, <DateTimeField2>)
  • new: Popups have a new design
  • new: titleforecolor supports rgb() color (not only hexa)
  • new: Send KB to Server opens a modal dialog so that no other actions (like close kb, etc) can be done meanwhile
  • fix: numeric fields alignment in reports was topleft, now it's topright
  • fix: Workspace wasn't being saved OK (docked windows and windowstate)
  • fix: Rebuild all included also objects with "Generate Obect" set to No.
  • fix: Create new object or rename of existing one didn't work if the object contained a call to itself.
  • fix: Multiuser support in KBs wasn't working well (no concurrency checks were done since may )
  • fix: Open Objects were not closed on TeamDevelopment / Update.
  • fix to Comparer when comparing Languages
  • fix: One table less in default transactions (it's the one that contains the confirm, close, etc buttons.)

July 29 (build 24822)

  • new: first bits of GXserver support for Roles and Permissions
  • new: CTRL+ALT+SPACE opens a intellitip with the shortcuts for available Snippets
  • fix: Rounded buttons were aligned TOP
  • fix: F5 didn't take into account changes in Themes
  • fix: sliding windows open faster (navigation bar, toolbox, properties)
  • fix: SAC #26138 Arithmetic overflow with same formulas expression in Db2, SAC #23817 (related problem in DB2 iseries) SAC # 24331 (related problem in postgresql)

July 25

  • new: Intellitips support in Workwith and Category Pattern Editors
  • new: INOUT and OUT parameter support in popups
  • new: .NET: Temporary files created by blob attributes or variables are deleted after being requested. (they are deleted after not being used a time T given by "httprequesttimeout"). (This feature was implemented in RC but not documented)
  • new: Update operations are also registered in GXserver for statistical purposes (Checkout and Commit operations were already being registered).

July 24

  • new: FBHoverPanel control
  • new: conditions with functions now are evaluated in the server in PostgreSQL too. more info Server Side Functions/Methods
  • new: Report Output Property is also at KB Version level (this was released on Beta 1 but never documented)
  • fix: line numbers that appear in specification messages were wrong in some cases
  • fix: suggest or combos didn't work in some cases
  • fix: SAC 26688 - for each with exit in postgresql wasn't being optimized (.net)

July 23

  • new: Knowledgebase Versions can be created in the GeneXus Server's UI
  • new: Scheduler Control. Here is a sample KB
  • new: "Ajax Requests Security" property (at Version and Object level), with the following values
    • "High": Parameters of ajax requests are encrypted with a key that is associated to the WebSession. If WebSession expires the page has to be refreshed in order that the application keeps working.
    • "Medium": Same as "High", but if the WebSession expires, a mechanism that recovers the encryption key is triggered and application keeps working.
    • "Low": Parameters of ajax requests are not encrypted.
  • new: you can sort by sdt members using this syntax: &MySdtCollection.sort("Member1, Member2, (Member3)")
  • fix: value of picture property wasn't converted if it was saved in a version prior to 7.5.
  • fix: Condition "If <procedure> = <expression>" wasn't generated well.

July 21 (build 24581)

GeneXus requires Framework 3.5 to build. If you don't have it, you will not be able to build successfuly

  • fix to swap in comparer
  • fixes to rules evaluation tree in spec when sdts and members of sdts are involved
  • fixes to commit dialog

July 20

  • new: Query object has a new property "Axis" to set where you can show a query attribute (rows, columns, data, page, or hidden) 

July 18

  • new: Some generated code, has been moved to standard routines and isn't generated more. (impact: less code lines are generated and compilation time is reduced)
  • fix to reorganizations in .NET Mobile on Windows Vista
  • fix: dynamic combo boxes with conditions didn't generate the correct SQL in some cases.

July 17

  • New: You can rename a KB / version
  • New: Reorg.exe supports the flag " –donotexecute". It's usefull for environments where you need the reorganization to be generated/compiled but not executed and after the impact is done you want to perform a build all and deploy reorganization and application programs to another place.
  • fix: fixed a NullReference bug (from build 24430) when a delete was to be exported in an update.

  • Property Include in Default Forms renamed to " Show in Default Forms"

July 16

  • new: Property " Include in Default Forms" for attributes in transactions. If set to False, the attribute doesn't appear in the default form and workwith.
  • new: Fields that are "FileTypeAttribute" and "FileNameAttribute" of Blob fields, don't appear in the default form and workwith

July 15

  • performance improvement generating objects. The improvement is more evident on objects with many controls
  • some optimizations to generated code (variables that aren't used aren't declared)
  • new: multiple selection in navigation view
  • new: Optimizations in Patterns that help improve productivity in prototyping cycles in big KBs
    • "Apply Pattern before build" property was renamed to "Dynamic <Pattern name> Pattern Update" with values YES|No
    • If Yes (Default), all works as usual
    • If No is set
      • Pattern is not applied on save or open
      • Pattern is applied during the Build process only on the modified instances
      • If Pattern settings or template are changed, the instances aren't updated
  • fix: SAC 26588 - combo boxes filled in start event didn't work well
  • fix: SAC 26702 .- transactions with boolean key fields didn't compile
  • fix: SAC 26750 - update redundancies..
  • fixes to Commit dialog

July 11


1) GeneXus Server and GeneXus need to be in sync. GeneXus Server now requires licenses. You get a form to ask for licenses when you access it via browser.

2) Images in objects were referenced by name and not by GUID, references could be lost during import/export. To fix this Export files had to be changed and compatibility is affected. Exports generated with this version cannot be imported in previous ones, by default. But if you need to export it with the previous used format you have to set the following code in %appdata%\artech\genexus\10ev1\Environment.config

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <section name="general" type="Artech.Common.Helpers.ConfigurationHelper+GeneralSection, Artech.Common.Helpers, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=6f5bf81c27b6b8aa" />
        <add key="EnableXCompatibleExport" value="true" />


News and fixes

July 10, 2009

  • GXserver: Folders are ordered alphabetically
  • CSS generation: removed most warnings and errors (as reported by from generated CSS


  • GXserver UI news
    • Business Process Diagram visualizer!
    • Edit the documentation online! It's a wiki of the KB.
    • you can click on calls to objects in the source code and navigate through objects that way
    • you can click on variables in the source code in order to see its properties
    • a permalink pointing to an Object has been added so that you can share that link with other team mebers
    • new list of active users of a KB
    • new latest changes view
  • new: 'Ignore on Commit': You can select objects to be ignored on Commit.
  • new: You can merge 2 versions! A three-way merge is performed automatically. Find it in View / Versions, rightclicking on a development version
  • new: (completeness) Support for "user prompts" added
  • new: Now SDT variables are considered initialized in rules when some of their elements are already assigned (explicitly or by means of an output rule).
  • new: Performance improvement in normalization process when Subtypes that use CompanyId in a multi Company KB are saved.
  • new: Performance improvement in Pattern Generation (in some KBs the process is between 60 and 80% faster)
  • new: GeneXus Log (X Evolution 2) Build 23810
  • new: properties of a pattern instance are indexed
  • new: if object is open ReadOnly the parts become readonly too (partially implemented)
  • new: Go To Event option in contextual menu of webform controls that support an associate event
  • new: you can use procedures in IF. example: If IsMyProc(&v1,&v2) ... endif
  • new: all pattern instances are shown in one part
  • new: close button in each Tab
  • new: CTRL+TAB shows preview of selected object
  • new: Temporary Files Directory and Blob Local Storage path have now default values. If the directory doesn't exist, it is created in runtime.
  • new: performance improved
  • new: More optimizations (performance calculating objects that apply to specfy) in F5 / Buil . Applys in general and specificly to NgenMod
  • new: Performance optimizations in gxlasses.dll: less castings (Boxing and unboxing). Performance Rules of Code Analysis enabled with "Treat warnings as errors" level.
  • new: If you program accept(&SDT) in a transaction, all the fields of that Structured datatype are accepted.
  • new: Generating cleaner code, specially in conditions (could improve performance in some cases).
  • new: For Link functions, the amount and data type of each parameter now is checked.
  • new: Reorganizations that imply a Table rename do not create a temporaly table and their corresponding conversion program anymore.
  • change: Themes cannot be more created from or saved to Templates.
  • Query Viewer and Query Object: fixes and improvements to charts, new chart types, fixes in general,
  • fixes to "Set required properties in build process" dialog
  • fix: GXserver exception: An object named 'ToBeDefined' already exists but has a different global identifier (GUID)
  • fixes to "Send KB To Server","Create KB from Server","Team Development" dialogs (sizing and other minor ones)
  • fix: dataprovider that sets properties in an inline collection using subgroups didn't specify
  • fix: in some cases with multiple generators resources were not generated
  • fix: exeption in IDE "Unable to access shared memory segment. GetLastError = 2 (Artech.Common.Helpers)"
  • fix: GXserver: exception ( GeneXusServer - ExecuteReader requires the command to have a transaction when the connection assigned....) when doing a commit while another commit is being performed by another user to another KB of  the same server
  • fix: option " Tools-> C# Generator -> Create Iseries Stored Procedures " didn't work because gx400dcl.cs wasn't compiled
  • fix: font property value was lost during import/export if it contained decimals and the target machine had another culture than the original one.
  • fix: Syntax errors in value range produced that conversion failed when loading gxcommon.xml
  • fix: visual style of buttons, etc wasn't correct in windows vista and windows 7
  • fixes to GeneXusX Theme (mouse pointer  now is a hand on paging buttons; some fixes to inherited properties makes the .css smaller)
  • fix: Exception "SQLTransaction has completed" importing objects.
  • fix: in some cases, specifier didn't take into account some Properties because of caching issues
  • fix: IDE: as from this version, when you double click a variable in the source code, the complete name and the "&" are selected.
  • fix: virtualdir.exe didn't finish successfuly and had to be stopped manually.  Because of this installation problems of GXserver happened and also compilation in .NET didn't finish.
  • fix: Theme Editor: a value of property "white-space" was "no-wrap" (the correct is nowrap)
  • fix: "invalid character" error when loading common.xml (bug was issued due to some encoding problems in conversion)
  • fix: when copying files related to User Controls, system and hidden fields were aslo copied.
  • fix: Nullreference exception when doing a commit on more than one KB to the same server at the same time.
  • fix: Environment couldn't be deleted in big KBs because of this exception: " This sqltransaction has completed; its no longer usable."
  • fix: NullReferenceException when using stored procedures in a secondary data store
  • fix: some lines with a "PRINT" command were not converted in reports (happened in some cases when the report had been saved in versions prior to 9.0)
  • fix: Properties of Query viewer control were not exported/imported well
  • fix: "Unable to deserialize data" exception when opening revisions that do not belong to any version (because the version version was deleted previously).
  • fix: Grid loading conditions couldn't be edited in win forms.
  • fix: Class "none" didn't appears for controls.
  • fix: Debug Option "Step Back" is in fact a "Step Out". The Debug menubar/toolbar has been updated with the correct name.

RC (Build 23744), released on June 22, 2009
GeneXus X Evolution 1 RC 

GeneXus X Evolution 1 Night Builds log until RC