Web Mobile Applications

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Warning: The .NET Mobile generator has been discontinued. Refer to Native Mobile Applications Development.

Web Mobile applications in GeneXus have improved support in Evolution 1.

Web Mobile applications development has been improved by changing the way the web pages, styles and java scripts are generated when the Genexus Web Application is shown in mobile devices. Also in this version of GeneXus, a new option has been added to the Work With Patterns that allows you to generate the Work With objects for Smart Devices, changing the generated pages, styles and Master Page.


Supported mobile devices are iPhone (Safari Browser), Android, Pocket Pc and S60 using Opera Mobile, BlackBerry version 4.6 (BOLD) or higher.

Opera Mini browser (www.operamini.com ) is supported, which allows the applications to run in a variety of other devices too. Opera Mini doesn't support Ajax HTTP calls, but GeneXus handles that situation and the applications automatically don't execute that calls if being run in Opera Mini.