Google Feed Control

Official Content

Important note: Google has deprecated the associated API and the Control is not supported anymore.

Ref.: "This API is officially deprecated and will stop working after December 15th, 2016."

Control Description

Google Feed Control is based on Google Ajax Feed API and allow consuming many RSS from any source in a very simple way.


Using the Control

The control basically loads an SDT (included with the control) which contains the information about the feeds that will be displayed by the control.


Sub 'GoogleFeedSample'
 &feedDataItem.Url = ""
 &feedDataItem.Title = "Digg"
 &feedDataItem = new()
 &feedDataItem.Url = ""
 &feedDataItem.Title = "TechCrunch"
Event Start
  Do 'GoogleFeedSample'

In addition, the control offers a set of properties to customize its behavior.

Control Properties

  • Width
  • Height
  • ControlName
  • FeedData: FeedData SDT-based variable
  • Css: Default
  • NumEntries: Numbers of entries for each RSS source that will be displayed by the control
  • Type: Simple or Preview