Google Intensity Map Control

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This control shows a map that highlights regions or countries based on relative values.


The user control is really simple, you just need to set one property in order to get the control working, the Series property.

Show a simple chart to illustrate population and area of certain countries

  • Drag and drop Intensity Map.
  • Assign to Series property a variable based on CountryInfo data type (this SDT is automatically imported when dropping the control to the web form).
  • Load the information that will be shown by the chart using the previous mentioned variable.
Sub 'LoadIntensityMap'

  &Country = new()
  &Country.CountryISO = "BR"
  // Population
  // Area

  &Country = new()
  &Country.CountryISO = "CN"
  // Population
  // Area

Note: &Country is based on CountryInfo.Country and &Countries is based on CountryInfo SDT.