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GeneXus X GeneXus X Evolution  Description
Interactive_activity_wkf   Interactive Activity Properties User_image_wkf User

Task that will be executed by a user.

Batch_activity_wkf   Batch Activity script_wkf Script Task that will be automatically executed by the Workflow engine.
Subprocess_wkf   Subprocess reusable_wkf Reusable Sub-process embedded in the current process.
Init_process_wkf   Start None_start_wkf  None Start of the process (optional)
Fin_proceso_wkf   End None_end_wkf  None End of the process (optional)
Conditional_wkf   Conditional Inclusive_wkf  Inclusive It indicates the evaluation of conditions to choose the route that will be followed. One or more routes can be taken.
Route_activity_wkf   Route Activity none_route_wkf  None This task is automatically executed by the Workflow engine and doesn't imply any action by the user. At design time it is considered a task that hasn’t been defined yet.
And-join_wkf   And Join parallel_wkf  Parallel It represents a synchronization point in which, in order to move forward with the flow, all tasks connected to this symbol have to be completed.
Choice_activity_wkf   Choice Activity Not supported (see note)  


Note: When migrating a diagram that uses the Choice Activity symbol from one version to another, we have to generate optional routes from the symbol’s preceding task up to the subsequent tasks.

  • Start and End Symbols

It is no longer necessary to use the start and end symbols in all workflow diagrams.
They are strictly required in the case below:

- The initial tasks of the process have input edges, that is to say, at some point of the process it is possible to return to the initial task.

  • Nested Conditionals

It is no longer necessary to include a symbol of route activity type between nested conditionals.

  • Workflow Context

It is no longer necessary to define the variables corresponding to the process instance, definition and work item.
To access the context the following code should be used:


In addition, this context can be accessed from all the objects involved in the call chain.

  • Deadlines

Now to represent a deadline you must use an intermediate event, the timer.


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