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The ResourceName property allows you to indicate the object to be run upon calling a service. In this use scenario you can run a Web Service generated with different generators.



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It means that you could change the webservice name, programming the location datatype or using the location.xml.

For example if you have the same webservices provided in Net and Java , in the following urls:

http://server1:port1/app/awebservice.aspx       (Net Url)
http://server2:port2/app/servlet/awebservice    (Java Url)

Yuu could inspect the Java Wsdl implementation of the webservice in order to create the external object (http://server2:port2/app/servlet/awebservice?wsdl). And after that invoke the Net implementation, just programming

&location = getlocation( '<External_Object_Name>' ) // get location information
& = "server1"
&location.port = port1
&location.BaseUrl = "/app/"
&location.ResourceName = "awebservice.aspx" // set the ObjectName to call if needed.
       <GXLocation name="<External_Object_Name>">


Data Type: Location
Languages: .NET, Java

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