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Initializes attributes and variables based on domains in any object, with a constant value, formula or procedure, when a reorganization is necessary.


Generators: .NET, .NET Framework, Java


It initializes the value of attributes of any GeneXus object. It initializes variables based on attributes or domains, and performs initial value calling procedures, and loading SDTs, too. The values to be given to the property must correspond to the attribute's data type.



To date: #10-12-23#
To datetime: #10-12-23 08:12:36#
To numeric integer: 4326
To numeric decimal: 4326.93
To character (take into account the quotes): 'Hello World'
To boolean: TRUE/FALSE
To GUID: GUID.fromstring("4f7d4021-63de-4253-b57f-ac5bce9b9279")

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