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The Timer Intermediate Event adds time-based dependencies to a process. It is either inserted into the sequence flow to create a delay or attached to an activity to create a deadline or "time-out" condition.


BPD Intermediate Event Timer


When a token (process instance) arrives at this Event, the clock starts, and the token waits for the specified time-related condition to occur.

Timer patterns



The diagram below shows how to set periodic notifications. The Timer Intermediate Event attached to the Authorize reservation Customer Care Manager will be activated once a certain time has passed. Next, the flow will continue to the Notify pending authorization script which will send a message to the Manager, notifying him about the pending task.

To implement an infinite loop a Gateway Event and another Timer are necessary, connected as shown in the diagram. This loop must be stopped after the Manager has finished the task; the throwing Signal Event connected to the task manager and the catching Signal Event connected to the Gateway whose flow continues to a None End Event will do this.

Note that to see the Timer Events reflected in your inbox, you must run a program that checks and executes these events. See Timer Control for more information.

Timer Intermediate Event Example


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