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The development of solutions for different platforms can involve their disintegration, duplication of processes, efforts, data, etc.

In this sense, GeneXus has always had clear guidelines to minimize the problem: to keep a single database (consolidated) in such a way that all the applications can access it (*).

However, there is another set of "horizontal features" (required by more than one application) that go beyond the corporate database. In this way, controlling users, managing an integrated interface that is independent from the application and its technology, providing specific services or transactions on the database, etc. are part of today's reality. 
Integrating all those applications or services requires hard work or otherwise the definition of an integrating framework that provides horizontal services and makes it possible to catalogue the various services and applications developed.

To this end, Artech has developed GXportal for defining that framework and delivering general integration services.

(*) in some cases there are temporary databases for replication or specific solutions, but in any case they are "synchronized" with the corporate database.

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