Screen Detector User Control

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Control Description

The Screen Detector control allows detecting the client screen resolution and color depth. Once these settings have been detected it triggers a server event allowing you to make redirects according to the client's settings.

The user control is a behavioral control, that is, it does not show any control on the page, it just executes some routines to get the client's settings and pass them to the server.

Using the control

Drag the control from the Toolbox and drop it anywhere in the form. The place where you drop it within the form is not important, as the control has no visual behavior.


Event ScreenDetector1.ScreenDetected
  Do 'ScreenDetector'

//Sample code for ScreenDetector
Sub 'ScreenDetector'
  msg(!"Window Width : " + ScreenDetector1.ScreenWidth)
  msg(!"Window Height : " + ScreenDetector1.ScreenHeight)
  msg(!"Client Width : " + ScreenDetector1.ClientScreenWidth)
  msg(!"Client Height : " + ScreenDetector1.ClientScreenHeight)
  msg(!"Screen Color Depth : " + ScreenDetector1.ScreenColorDepth)

Control Events

The user control triggers a ScreenDetected event as described above.

To Install It

Please visit: Default Installation Instructions for User Controls

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