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A map, a gallery, a whole Cow's life.



Take pictures of your cows while you walk through them.
Show them on a map, flip through the image gallery.

Answer questions like: When was a specific Cow where and how did it look like?
You can download myCowbook.apk to run it in your device from:

Technical details

This sample shows :
- Layout: take a look how images are placed on the layout and how to customize the application design using themes.

- WorkWithDevicesCapture in level capture.list uses SD ImageGallery control\
- Share action: take a look how to share pictures on WorkWithDevicesCaptures.List

Workcforce needed: one click!
- WorkWithDevicesByMap uses SD Map control

- Favorites uses SD Paged Grid
- WorkWithDevicesCapture in edit mode uses SD Scanner control

- WorkWithDevicesShared uses SD Rating
- Transaction "Capture" (in insert mode) is called in an action of the 'CowBook' Dashboard. (Android)

- Camera: Take or Select Image on Device and upload it on Save
- GPS or Positioning: Geolocation selector on insert and SD Geolocation user control on view and edit. (iOS)

- Security: Users can Register, login (local, facebook, twitter) etc. and can only view their records

(See GetCurrentUser procedure and OnlyCurrentUserRecords dataselector used in WorkwithDevicesCapture (List properties))


Some screenshots.


MyCowBook_iphone_1 MyCowBook_iphone_2 MyCowBook_iphone_3

Android Phone

MyCowBook_android_phone_1 MyCowBook_android_phone_2 MyCowBook_android_phone_3


MyCowBook_ipad_1 MyCowBook_ipad_2 MyCowBook_ipad_3

Android Tablet

MyCowBook_android_tab_2 MyCowBook_android_tab_1 MyCowBook_android_tab_3

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