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This property is available when Enable Integrated Security Property is set to TRUE and and makes sense when Integrated Security Level Property is set to "Authorization" value for at least one object of the KB.

It allows to specify which will be the object to execute when there is a permission error (the user who is trying to execute an object has no rights / permissions to execute an object).

This property is under "Web Specific" section, at version level.


Any web object which informs the user that he has no rights to do the action desired.

Default value: GAMExampleNotAuthorized web object.

GAMExampleNotAuthorized is part of the samples in GAM library folder.

The code of this object can add the possibility to login again, using different credentials (the following example uses the GAM API to achieve what is required).


Event 'Login'

&isOK = GAMRepository.Logout(&Errors)




This object needs to have Integrated Security Level Property set to "None".


The Not Authorized Object for Web Property allows specifying a web object which will be called automatically when the user who is logged in has no rights to execute an action.

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