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In GeneXus , one of the best ways of obtaining a list of the objects header is checking the Folder view. It contains the object name, description, type and modification date. Nevertheless, several times there is more information required, such as the specification date, the object-associated style, the generator where the object will be generated, etc.
All this extra information can be seen, although not in tabular form, from the call browser. This mechanism is useful in many cases, but problems may arise when you want to obtain documentation with a specific format of the data contained in the KB, such as when you want an Excel spreadsheet with all the objects belonging to the application core. Even more complex is to make queries such as: "what is the table that has more attributes? or "what of the attributes do not have domain?, etc.

GXpublic "shows and publishes" the information of a GeneXus Knowledge Base. For this, it provides the following:

  • It shows and allows modifying information on the GeneXus objects. This means: Models, Objects (Data, Properties, Events, Methods, Rules, Help), Attributes, Indexes, Transactions, Structures, Formulas, Tables, Subordination between tables, References between objects, attributes, Groups, domains and screen
  • It allows accessing services to be applied on a KB (or a KB element), which enables to perform the "full cycle"
    • Perform "Impact Database".
    • Execute the reorganization (update model).
    • Cause all programs to be specified and generated.
    • Transfer them and cause them to be compiled.

Main features

  • Full support for access GeneXus 9.0 Knowledge base.
  • Full support for Patterns (GX 9.0)
  • Commands improvements such as
    • With clause
    • New properties for commands
    • New commands such as Generate Help, Import Help and Import Wsdl.
  • New fields for tables Object, Generator, KBprop, domain.
  • New connection method for GxpublicFactory especially for .NET users


Take into account that it is not supported to execute a list of operations in parallel over two or more Knowledge Bases; all operations must be serialized.




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