HowTo: Give Restricted Access to a Group of Web Objects

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There are some cases where the authorization level needed is just to allow or deny to a group of users the access to a set of web pages of the application.

For instance, if the application is divided into two modules (frontend and backend), probably the backend will be accessed only by some authorized users (administrator users only).

One way to do this, is to use a Masterpage for the backend pages, and program the following in the Start Event of the Masterpage:

If GAMRepository.CheckPermission("is_authorized_toBackend")

Note that you need to define the "is_authorized_toBackend" permission in the WEB Application, and define Roles where this permission is allowed or denied, as desired.

There´s no need to set Integrated Security Level Property to "Authorization", just to "Authentication" value.
Require Access Permissions of GAM Application must be set to TRUE.

Recommended reading: Access restricted to GAM Backend, this paper goes into detail of this topic.

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