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Visual Basic Generator Specific Section

  • 11/07/2006 - Visual Basic Generator 9.0 is ready ! Download it here.



This section explains all changes and improvements done to the GeneXus Yi Visual Basic Generator 9.0 RC.

New Features

Another supported DBMS MySQL - As from this version you can use the Visual Basic Generator to access and work with another DBMS: MySQL The access technology is ODBC.
Ime Mode
New Methods for attributes, variables and enumerated domains!
RoundToEven Function
Conditions including functions are executed in the server in more DBMSes than ever

Directory Data Type

Visual Basic 9.0 Setup

License Activation Process
This version requires GeneXus Visual Basic Generator 9.0 FULL LICENSE KEYS. If you have no FULL LICENSE KEYS, please ask for keys using the "Authorize Online" option of the GeneXus License Manager or contact your Local Distributor.
1) FULL LICENSE KEYS are backward compatible. GeneXus Visual Basic 9.0 Keys enables you to use prior versions too.
2) Please contact your Local Distributor to get the purchased ones.

Installation Steps
1) Download it
2) Uninstall any previous RC or beta version of GeneXus Visual Basic Generator Yi / 9.0
3) Install GeneXus Visual Basic Generator 9.0

For more information see the GeneXus 9.0 Installation Manual

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