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Actions in objects for Native Mobile applications provide interaction between the application and the end user in several ways:

  • With a server-side process (web service).

For instance, in the case of an action that calls a procedure, that procedure is executed on the server side and invoked via a REST web service.

  • With a local process.

For instance, when the app is generated offline, the procedure will be executed locally on the device.

  • With a call to a native device app.

For instance, to use the camera or add a new Contact to the contact list (for example, using an external object method).

Actions, Events, and Controls

Action The concept of the action the end user wants to perform (Authorize, Add to favorites, etc.).

Every Action has an associated Event. So, when the end user takes an Action, the associated Event is triggered and the code defined inside that event is executed.

See Native Mobile Applications Events.

Control A visual aspect associated with an Action. When the end user selects it, the Action is performed and the associated Event is executed.

Objects for Native Mobile Applications where Actions can be defined

Actions can be defined for:

iOS Destructive Actions

On iOS you can have a destructive action that will be shown in red, as follows:


To have an action like this in GeneXus, you only need to name the event 'Delete'.

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