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New Methods for Basic data types


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New methods have been added to the basic data types.


With the objective of coding in a more developer friendly way; new methods have been added to the basic data types (Numeric, Character, Varchar, LongVarchar, Date and Datetime ); so now it's easier to interact with the data types functions. Using the method notation (<attribute>.<method>) instead of the function one (<function>(<attribute>) the GeneXus Developer automatically gets the benefits of the tooltips in the Development Environment.


<attribute> = <attribute>.<method>

Numeric Data types

New Method Available Function
Integer Int
Round Round
Truncate Trunc

Character, Varchar and LongVarchar Data types

New Method Available Function
IndexOf StrSearch
LastIndexOf StrSearchRev
Length Len
PadLeft PadL
PadRight PadR
Replace StrReplace
Substring Substr
ToLower Lower
ToNumeric Val
ToUpper Upper
Trim Trim
TrimEnd Rtrim
TrimStart Ltrim

Date and Datetime types

New Method Available Function Comment
AddMonths AddMth  
AddYears AddYr  
Age Age  
Day Day  
DayOfWeek DOW  
EndOfMonth EOM  
Month Month  
Year Year  
Set YMDToD only date data type
Hour Hour only datetime data type
Minute Minute only datetime data type
Second Second only datetime data type
Set YMDHMSToT only datetime data type


The definition applies to attributes and variables.


// Old Code using Functions
&var1 = Val(Attribute)
&var2 = Round(Attribute, 0)
&var3 = trim(Attribute) 
&var4 = upper(Attribute)
&var5 = Hour(Attribute)
&var6 = Age(Attribute, Attribute2)
&var7 = Ymdhmstot(2002,12,5,10,45,12)
// New Code using Data type methods
&var1 = Attribute.ToNumeric()
&var2 = Attribute.Round(0)
&var3 = Attribute.Trim()
&var4 = Attribute.ToUpper()
&var5 = Attribute.Hour()
&var6 = Attribute.Age(Attribute2)

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