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Url Shortener is a GeneXus Knowledge base intended for building an URL Shortener with GeneXus that can be used by any GeneXus community member for it's own site, etc. 

How about licensing?

At this moment Url Shortener is open source, BSD license

How to Collaborate?

Contact the Project Admin: Armin Bachmann - contact @arminbachmann / armin at genexus.com so that you get permissions to collaborate

What Task coud i achieve in order to collaborate?

- Improve URL Shortener UI (web panel URLShortener)

- Program the algorithm to convert integer to Base 62  or any alternative shortening algorithm (procedure ConvertBase10To62)

- Improve the redirect from short URL to target URL . (procedure r)

- Design and develop the statistics module using GXquery


Version 0.1
Does what it has to do (tested with GeneXus X Evolution 3 CTP, generating Java on the cloud. Test it), but:

- short url ID is numeric

- hardcoded string to test in web panel urlshortener


Depends on collaboration ;) Contact the admin! 


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