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06/21/2013 - Genexus X Evolution 2 Upgrade #3 has been released! (build 70721)

Thank you very much for your help testing its previews!!



See information about compatibility and new features of Genexus X Evolution 2 Upgrade #3 here



Preview #6 (Build 70721)

Released: 06/17/10


  • Login with twitter stopped working since Twitter does not support API v1 anymore
  • NullreferenceException related to Workwith Plus pattern
  • UserId() function didn't work in Ruby
  • minor fix to protection log
  • iOS: crash related to sdactions.gohome after login,
  • iOS: panel shown after login was always the main object
  • iOS: cancel button didn't work in some case related to low priority actions
  • Java: Business Component with Image/Audio/Video field couldn't be saved in runtime.
  • BPM: BP validation process performance improvement.

Preview #5 (Build 70481)

Released: 06/06/10

  • IDE: performance issues, memory leaks, GDI+ leaks and related crashes fixed. SAC 34277 
  • Team Development: some properties (padding, margins, etc) were not set on commit / update 
  • .NET Generator - 212 Not enough global stack generating web.config
  • License Manager: Upgrade license messages improved. New protection server available
  • Ruby:Drag & drop in component
  • iOS: fixes to Leaves and Sparkline controls
  • iOS: fix to BC Batch operations

Preview #4 (Build 70105)

Released: 05/27/2013


  • Support for Android SDK r22 added (patch for build performance ptimization can be found here <link>)
  • SAC 33809 Visible property in grid in VFP didn't work
  • Open of Query Object saved with previous version canceled with nullpointer exception 
  • setup issue fixed (GAM Platforms dialog)

Preview #3 (Build 69875)

Released: 05/21/2013


  • Windows Azure deployment, only SDK v1.8 is supported
  • Error "Incorrect Install" when upgrading licenses
  • SAC# 33882 - Focus problems in prompts in Internet Explorer
  • fix related to formulas that include more than one expression
  • GAM - Description property of GAM API methods was empty
  • iOS: Crash related to pictures
  • Android: Due to memory optimization fixes, static images were being lost when refreshing grids.

Preview #2 (Build 69560)

Released: 05/10/2013


  • Protection Server 9.4.11 has a new "Upgrade Licenses" button that allows you to update X Evolution 2 licenses to X Evolution 2 Upgrade 3 licenses in one step
  • Web: Datepicker didn't work correctly in Chrome for Mac
  • Web: fix to validation issue in grids
    Web: fix to focus handling after a POSTIDE: Access violation error when specifying (after reverting a version or importing and other cases)
  • Android: Logout button didn't show up in dashboard
  • Android: Upload Video didn't work in Android
  • iOS: fixed app crash with wheel control in insert
  • Spec: fix to a case related to spc0027
  • fix to datetime handling when Datetime Storage Timezone is GMT
  • SAC 34041 : picture of SDT fields in PDF Report
  • .NET Generator Reorganization program runs with framework 4 too, and in win64 or x86 platforms
  • Tools / Dataprovider Generator option has been discontinued
  • SAC 34197 - fix to connection handling in Java
  • Fix to GXflow login with GAM in Java

Preview #1 (Build 68440)

Released: 04/09/2013


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