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This dialog is deprecated since upgrade 4 of GeneXus XEv2.


Related to Enable Integrated Security property, this option allows the user to change the values for Security Client ID property and Security Client Secret property.

It is available for all the main Smart Devices objects, and it is located under the Integrated Security section of the properties dialog.

The dialog used to change the Client Id and Client Secret information is the following:



Next we explain the scenarios where it is usefull to edit and change the value of Security Client ID property and Security Client Secret property.

  1. HowTo: Building the application apk or ipa to use another GAM
  2. HowTo: Changing the main SD object of the KB which uses GAM
  3. SAC #33874 - Application Client Secret values are persisted in Genexus so as the GAM database can be re-built if neccessary.




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