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Gets the GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) session data which resides in database, and has been saved there using SetApplicationData method of GAMSession object. 


GAMSession.GetApplicationData(): String

GAMSession.SetApplicationData(ApplicationData: LongVarchar, Errors: Collection<GAMError,GeneXusSecurity>): Boolean


In some cases, there's the need to save additional information for the current user in the GAM session in addition to the default information that is saved when the user logs in. Specially in the case of applications which run under a load balancing architecture, when the web session cannot be shared among the nodes of the application server.

In these cases, it's useful to store the additional information you need to save for the user session in the GAM database, using SetApplicationData method of GAMSession object, and retrieve that information using GetApplicationData method of GAMSession.

Another use of GetApplicationData method is to retrieve information sent from an external authentication program, see External Authentication: version 2.0 (section 4) for more details.

The SetApplicationData method allows saving temporary information in the GAM Session, stores in the database and it’s related to the Token that the User has, can be used as a global variable of the application, and then can be read by other applications, allows sharing information about the session with other applications under the same session.

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