Additional Scope Property for GAM Google / Facebook Authentication Types

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Using GAM Backoffice, or programmatically using the GAM API you can configure GAM Google Authentication Type or GAM Facebook Authentication Type and define in both cases an Additional Scope which gives the user access to resources of the site. The scope is basically what APIs the application is trying to get access to. 

So the purpose of this property is to allow integrating the application with the information provided by Google and Facebook APIs, after the user has been logged in using GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) Google or Facebook authentication type respectively.

Basically, after the user logs in, the session keeps an external token that can be used to access the Google or Facebook APIs.

By using the Google API you can provide a web page in your application where the user can get his RSS feeds, for example.

Other information he can access is the photos he has uploaded, e-mail contacts, files in google drive, etc.


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