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Properties data type


Objects: Procedures, Transactions, Work Panels, Web Panels
Languages: Java, .NET
Interfaces: Web, Win


This type represents a key-value list and it can be used for many purposes. E.g. it can be used as a filter in GetAttribute? method of LDAPClient data type. It can also be used when using Queue data type.


Set(char id, char value)
Adds an attribute to be used as a filter.

Clear all the key-value pairs added.

<char> = Get(char key)
Returns the value of a given key. E.g.: &value = &prop.get(&myKey)

Remove(char key)
Removes the specified key.

Iterating properties

In order to read all the properties stored in a Properties variable, the Property data type must be used. E.g.

for &auxProperty in &myProperties

where the type of &auxProperty is Property (see Property data type).

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