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Acronym of Really Simple Syndication.

It's basically an XML based mechanism used to notify news. This mechanism consist of:

  • RSS feed. It's an XML file that typically has a list of news, a short description of them and links to the full content.
  • RSS reader. It's a program that periodically checks many RSS feeds and display them. There are basically two kinds of reader:
    • windows based like SharpReader
    • web based like Google Reader. Also all modern browsers like Firefox 2.0 or IE 7.0 have RSS reader capabilities builtin.

More info:

This technology is becoming more relevant to the GX community because more and more RSS feed are used not only to publish news but also as a notification mechanism in many applications. For more information about using RSS with GeneXus look at:

  • RSS SDT for an SDT that implements the format, so creating an RSS feed is just to fill the SDT and use the ToXml function (since version X)
  • RSS Feed Pattern for a pattern that given a Transaction, creates an RSS feed with the last changes.
  • As an example see the RSS feed in this wiki in Recent Pages.

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