When are selection lists created?

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Selection List are created during specification time, more precisely:

  • when generating for Web: upon specifying transactions (in the build), the web panel (or work panel) GX00nn objects will appear, with nn being a sequential number. For the example shown in Selection List, web panels GX0010 and GX0020 will be created, each implementing a selection list of customers and countries respectively.
  • when generating for Smart Devices: upon specifying the Work With pattern for Smart Devices applied to the transaction with a FK (in our case, the Customer transaction), the Panel for Smart Devices GX0020sd object will be created, equivalent to the GX0020 object for web/win (in the example mentioned, the selection list of countries, which corresponds to the CountryId FK). In Smart Devices, selection lists are created only for FKs.

We can disable the creation of selection lists in web generators by modifying the value of the Environment/Generator property: Generate prompt programs, whose predefined value is Yes. We can also modify it at the version level, which will have an effect on all generators.

Note: The Smart Devices generator does not include this property yet, so it can be turned off only at the whole Environment level or at the version level.