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This property indicates which is the size corresponding to the value Large of the Maximum Upload Size property. It is specified at Knowledge Base Version level.



Size expressed in Kbytes or resolution (WidthxHeight).

A numeric value will be considered as expressed in KBytes. To specify a resolution the following grammar should be followed:

<Width> 'x' <Height>

Both <Height> and <Width> as expressed in pixels.

Default value: 1024x1024


The Maximum Upload Size property values ​​are symbolic (Large, Medium, etc.). This property sets the corresponding actual dimensions of the symbolic value Large.

Specifying the value of this property on KBytes ensures a uniform size of images, with possible loss of quality.
The actual size of the transferred images may exceed by 10% the specified value.
Use this property in case that connectivity to the server is costly in time and/or money.

Specifying the value in resolution ensures uniform dimensions for the images but sizes in KBytes can vary significantly between images.


640x640 Every image that exceeds the specified resolution scales, maintaining the aspect ratio.
50 Every image that exceeds the size of 50kb scales, maintaining the aspect ratio.

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